A large area of glass can be dangerous if it is unnoticeable. Health and safety now makes it a legal requirement to make glass panels visible.

OUR SOLUTION: Window graphics are a cost effective and flexible way to make glass more apparent. This can be in form of standard shaped manifestations to bespoke designs, logos or graphics.

Marking glass with a variety of colours and designs is also a valuable way to promote your company whilst maintaining privacy for your clients. Graphics can add interest to your window whilst delivering and selling your message to those passing by.

Windows can have graphics applied inside or out, and in a whole range of mediums to ensure you get the desired effect. Whether it be bold, fluorescent colour, or a decorative soft, subtle design, we can provide the effect to suit your need.

Window films

Onefourdesign can provide a variety of eye catching effects using the latest films to create an illusion of frosted or even etched glass at a reasonable price. As well as adding aesthetic value, our range of advanced window films can cut glare, save energy, increase safety and reduce harmful UV rays.

Our window films can:

1. Be easily replaced so as to protect against anti social behavior such as graffiti

2. Protect from injury from flying glass with the use of a security film applied to glazing

3. Be a cost efficient way to protect your windows from thieves